CSS Extension

In this tutorial you will learn how to use the Custom CSS extension type.

Add the Extension

"name": "CSS Extension Sample",
"description": "The sample shows how to customize Verse UI",
"title": "CSS Extension Sample",
"extensions": [
"id": "unique-extension-id",
"type": "com.ibm.verse.ext.css",
"name": "CSS extension sample",
"payload": {
"css": ".ics-scbanner {background-color:green!important;} .seq-window .compose-button {font-size:16px!important;background-color:red!important;} .message-list-container .seq-msg-row {background-color:yellow!important;} .createEvent {display:none!important;}"
"services": [

Extension Properties

namestringthe name of the extension
typestringthe extension point (List of Extension Points)
payloadobjectJSON object that specifies properties specific to the extension
cssstringCSS styles in string format

Test it Out

How it Works

The Custom CSS extension can be used to override default styles and add custom styles to the HCL Verse UI. Valid CSS is read in as a string from the css attribute and applied to the page, injected as a stylesheet with the id attribute and specified styles.

Be diligent when adding CSS to the extension, styles may not load if there are syntax errors. For more information, reference the Custom CSS extension docs.